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MS. Bodl. Or. 632 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

Oriental Manuscripts


Summary of Contents: One collection of Christian prayers and invocations to saints written in Ottoman Turkish in Syriac script. Several pages in Syriac-script Turkish and Arabic in a second, less careful hand, mostly supplications to God, the Virgin Mary, and John the Baptist.
Author: anonymous
Incipit: (folio 2b, line 1) ܒܣܡ ܐܠܐܒ ܘܐܠܐܒܢ ܘܐܠܪܘܚܐܠܩܕܣ ܐܠܐܗ ܘܐܚܕ
Filiation: Two other manuscripts in Oxford Bodelain Libraries' Asian and Middle Eastern Manuscripts Collection contain at least a portion of the same text: MS. Bodl. Or. 668 (complete) and MS. Bodl. Or. 693 (partial).
Language(s): Ottoman Turkish in Syriac Serṭā script with some Syriac


Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: offwhite ragstock
Extent: i + 155 folios + i
Dimensions (leaf): 17.1 × 10.3 × 2.3 cm.
Foliation: Original foliation in Arabic numerals at the top outer corner of each page in green ink.


One bottom corner of folio 1 is torn off and missing. Several of the pages, especially towards the end, show evidence of light water damage or wearing of the ink.


Single column of 16 lines per page.


Hand one: Scribe unknown. Syriac Serṭā script in black ink with purple ink for some punctuation, headings, certain proper names, and some prayers and formulae, as well as green ink for come punctuation, page numbers and headings. One or two section headings in light blue ink.

Hand two: Scribe unknown. Syriac Serṭā script in black ink, considerably less well-trained and much more careless than the first hand. Simple Arabic naskh in black ink.


Illuminated frontispiece.


Origin: Date and place of origin unknown. The Syriac script in the second item is especially careless and difficult to read, but does not appear to include any information regarding the origin of either text.

Provenance and Acquisition

Probably formerly part of the library of Bishop W. H. Mill.

Possibly purchased by the Bodleian in 1858.

Record Sources


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