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MS. Selden Superius 37 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

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Selden Superius


Summary of Contents: A compilation of works in Ottoman Turkish, including the Ḳaṣīde-i ṣad berg of Lāmi‘ī, a translation from the Persian of Shabistarī's Gülşen-i rāz, and an anonymous collection of prayers, related traditions, and advice from the Prophet. Also, a small translation of a prayer into English.
1. folios 1a-84a
Incipit: جِهانوڭ کوُزِسَنْسِن کوُزڭْ اَجْ بَقْ کِه کوُزْ بَابَاکِنُڭْ نوُريٕ دُرُرْ حَقْ
Explicit: حَقیٕچُون نِیَتْ اِتْدُمْ حَقَّه هَرْ دَمْ تَمَامْ اِتْدُمْ سُوزيٕ وَاللَّهِ اَعْلَمْ
Language(s): Ottoman Turkish


2. folios 84b-86b
Incipit: چُونْ اَنَا لْحَقْ سِرِّنْ اَچْديٕ نَارِ مُوسي‌وَارْ کُلْ اُولْسه طَاڭيٕ سَرْنِکُونْ مَنصُورْوَش بَرْدَارْ کُلْ
Explicit: دُو حَدِ إِقْبَالُڭ اُولسُون رُوزِ شَبْ سَرْ سَبْز وُ تَرْ وِرْدوکِنْجَه قِیش وُ یَازْ اَحْجَادِ لَعْل اَسْجَادْ کُلْ
Language(s): Ottoman Turkish


3. folio 87a
Author: anonymous
Title: prayers/spells for keeping away demons and monsters and opening the gate of heaven
Incipit: سُبْحَانَكَ اَلْلَهُمْ وَیِحَمْدِكَ

The first two spells are styled ‘İfrīt ve dēv siḥr eylemek içün oḳıya عفریت و دیو سحر ایلمك ایچون اوقیه and Cennet ḳapusınıñ kilīde [sic!] delīldir جنت قاپوسنک کلیدَ دلیلدر. A third spell is visible on the bottom of the page in mugh lighter ink, but the title cannot be read clearly.

Language(s): Arabic prayers/spells with Ottoman Turkish titles
4. folios 87b-88a
Author: anonymous
Incipit: آه آه آه شاهم
Language(s): Ottoman Turkish and Persian

Physical Description

Form: codex



Origin: Date and place of origin unknown.

Provenance and Acquisition

The collections of John Selden.

Presented to the Bodleian Library by Selden's estate in 1659.

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