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RAS Persian 171. (Library, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland)

Persian Manuscripts


Summary of Contents: In kitab babat-i muhr u dastkhatt u dabitah-i 'alam u qurs-i khass wa ahl-i khidmat dar khizanah-i sarkar-i khudadadi dashtani… by Anon.
Author: Anon.

Folio one, recto: impression of rectangular seal: Tipu Sultan 3221. Written minutely in the corners: mau /lu / d Muhammad. (A description and a drawing of this seal, the personal one of Tipu, is given on f3a.) [Correct description on another MS]. F3b: Tipu's paraph (dastkhatt) for opening letters written boldly in sepia, in a kind of ta'liq: Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim. His paraph for closing letters, a rebus, similarly in sepia ink (undeciphered). The initial basmallah of this MS is written in this hand, presumably that of Tipu, and his closing paraph stands at the end of each section. Evidently he had checked the work closely. (Cf. earlier with the same seal and sepia paraphs.) Check Tipu Sultan's Mauladi era). aA description of the seals, flags, standards, inscriptions, etc., used by and under Tipu Sultan.

Incipit: Al-hamdu lillahi rabb al-'alamain wal-salat wal-salam 'ala rasulihi
Language(s): Persian.


Storey, i, p. 772. No other copy in the main English catalogues.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: Folios
Dimensions (leaf):




Brown leather binding with blind-tooled and stamped decoration. At top and bottom of the front cover, small cartouche-shaped stamp inscribed: Sarkar-i khudadadi.


Origin: In the introduction the date of copying is given as 21 of the month Haidari of the year 4221 (1224 backwards) of the Mauludi era, and 19 Rabi' 1 1121 (1211 backwards) Hijri.

Provenance and Acquisition

Bequeathed by Major David Price.


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