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RAS Persian 88 (Library, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland)

Persian Manuscripts


Summary of Contents: 1 copy of Lavāzimāt-i mardumān-i ʻaskar va jaysh va ghayruh-i mutaʻalliqah- qalʻahjāt-i sarkār-i khudādād

A return of the establishment personnel etc. of castles under the control of Tipu Sultan written in the month Ja'fari A.D. 1222.

European paper, watermarked with a horse and rider above B G P (reversed) C. Folio one, recto: a) Impression of small rectangular seal inscribed: Tipu Sultan 1217. b) Blurred impression of small oval seal. c) 'Tippoo military expenditures'. d) Long note in shikastah, summarizing the content of the account. The numerals in the MS, and on Tipu's seal are written in the reverse order to that usual in Persian. Each page shows the mark of of been folded vertically, evidently to guide the laying out of the account in two columns where necessary. Earlier desribed as: A Register of Accounts of Military Expenditure of Tipu Sultan. Storey, i. p. 772. Presumably a unique document.

Incipit: Incipit (folio one, recto): ... lawazimah-i marduman-i 'askar u jaish u ghairuh-i muta'alliqah-i qal'ahjat-i sarkar-i khudadad
Language(s): Persian.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: The foliation is applied by the original scribe
Dimensions (leaf): 8.5


Siyaq or raqam style used for accounts.


Provenance and Acquisition

Bequeathed by Major David Price.


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