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1 copy of Manual of Nuṣayrī Shaykhs

Incipit: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم وقوله وتعالى انه قال مولانا امير المؤمنين ان الله سبحانه قد وصفني في كتابه العزيز فقال وهو الله الذي لا اله الا هوى عالم الغيب

Language(s): Arabic

Table of contents composed by Samuel Lyde

p. 1
Title: I. Proof of Ali's divinity, from his own explanation of the Koran and testimony to himself in his discourses
p. 19
Title: II. Prayer to Ali that he will recall to a man's mind, what has been forgotten of his religion
p. 22
Title: III. Section of mutual making mention, i.e. invocation by the mutual mention of Ali and his disciples by one another
p. 24
Title: IV. A prayer to Ali to favour the 7 hierarchies of the two worlds
p. 27
Title: V. An invocation by the 7 hierarchies of the great world of light and their 49 degrees
p. 33
Title: VI. An invocation by 17 names of prophets
p. 35
Title: VII. An invocation by the name of the 28 Nadjaba
p. 38
Title: VIII. An invocation by the names of the intercessors of the great and glorious door of God
p. 42
Title: IX. Invocation by the names of 25 orphans
p. 45
Title: X. Invocation by the names of the 55 personifications of the door in the books of the Unitarians
p. 47
Title: XI. Invocations by personifications of the door in the 6 spiritual stations
p. 49
Title: XII. Invocation by the personifications of the door in the periods called Bahmaneel
p. 51
Title: XIII. Invocation by the 11 appearances of the door in the time of the Imams
p. 60
Title: XIV. Invocation by the names of the Name, according to the rules of language
p. 62
Title: XV. D[itt]o by the 9 essential names of the Name
p. 62
Title: XVI. D[itt]o by the names of the Name in the Adillah
p. 63
Title: XVII. D[itt]o by the 5 names in the Dome of Abraham
p. 64
Title: XVIII. D[itt]o in that of Moses
p. 65
Title: XIX. D[itt]o in that of Muhammad
p. 65
Title: XX. D[itt]o by 63 names of the Name in Apostles and Prophets
p. 69
Title: XXI. Invocation by the names of the personifications of prayer
p. 75
Title: XXII. By names of the belonging to Maana
p. 77
Title: XXIII. The names of Ali
p. 84
Title: XXIV. The names from the books of Seth
p. 91
Title: XXV. Discourse of the Convention of the House. Testimony of Muhammad to divinity of Ali
p. 108
Title: XXVI. Discourse of the surmising
p. 115
Title: XXVII. Preparation for prayer
p. 118
Title: XXVIII. Morning and evening prayer
p. 122
Title: XXIX. Service of the Masses
p. 157
Title: XXX. Contract between disciple and his teacher
p. 161
Title: XXXI. Discourse of initiation
p. 179
Title: XXXII. Khabr or sermon


Samuel Lyde, The Asian Mystery, ch. 9

Physical Description

Form: other
Support: Oriental paper
Extent: 108 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 15,3 × 10,7 cm.
Dimensions (written): 12
Foliation: Original foliation in Arabic numbers until the end of the Arabic text


vi(12), vi(24), vi(36), vi(48), vi(60), vi(72), vi(84), vi(96), vi(108)

Catchwords in each verso


Good condition


11/12 lines per page


Naskh, black ink


  • p. 211 bequest statement

    March 1. 1860 I bequeath this book to Jesus College Cambridge. Samuel Lyde Coll. Jesu Cantab. Socius

  • pp. 203-209 Table of contents

    Table of contents by Samuel Lyde


Cardboard and brown leather binding with flap

Both boards decorated engravements


Origin: 1239 AH; 1824 CE

Provenance and Acquisition

The manuscript was purchased for £10 in September 1859, from a merchant at Latakia, into whose hands it fell in the time of Ibrāḥīm Pasha

Bequeathed by Samuel Lyde to Jesus College


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